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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

TeleMagic DOS in continuous use for 38 years, and counting

Gary Small, the founder/CEO of XTC Tours in Mammoth, California has been using the same DOS version of TeleMagic since 1985.  Amazing! 

Recently (January 25, 2023), I called him to get it on the record about how he runs his ski tour business and his real estate business with a copy of the original DOS version. Here's the scoop:

MM: Your name and company name and the kind of business you run.

GS:  Gary Small. I use it for my ski business, XTC Tours, my rental properties, and basically every day for all parts of my life to help stay organized.   

MM: When did you start using TeleMagic?

GS: Almost 40 years ago - the summer of 1985.

MM: How did you learn about TeleMagic?

GS: My good friend Sean Curtis from Coffee Ambassador* told me about it.

MM: How do you use TeleMagic in your business?

GS: To keep notes on everything. Sales leads, suppliers, banking, tenants, family, EVERYTHING!

MM: What you like/don't like about TeleMagic?

GS: I love how easy it is to find a record, record a note, and then forget about it. But easily find the information days, months, years after.  Don't like? Don't like what?

MM: Any problems with it?

GS: The DOS version is not easy to set up on windows machines

MM: What version of TeleMagic?

GS: DOS version - I love it. I'm a key guy, not a mouse guy.

MM: What do you do for support for TeleMagic?

GS: Call Michael! Support is very rarely needed.

MM: Where can you be reached?


XTC Tours 
World Class Winter Experiences 
for Skiers and Boarders! 

XTC Tours 
P.O. Box 100, PMB 341 
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546-0100  



*Coffee Ambassador was the very first user of TeleMagic, starting in early 1985. They used the DOS version for many years, then moved to the Windows version, but about 10 years ago started using a different product for reasons that are still a mystery. I'm sure they regret that decision!

I sent a link to this post to Rich Bohn "The oldest living independent #CRM analyst" to get his reaction.  He posted this on twitter on 2/15/23:

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