December 1, 2013

About Michael McCafferty, Del Mar, California


50+ years as a serial entrepreneur
1964: IBM computer salesman, first job out of college.
1968: Founder/CEO first strong competition to ADP payroll services.
1979: Founder/CEO the first electronic yellow pages (PAL).
1985: Founder/CEO: invented the first CRM software product TeleMagic
   ( Inc. 500 in '91 and '92, exit in '92 ).
2001: Co-founder/Director: Landmark National Bank

Adventure aviator
1993-2000: Pilot-in-command of vintage open-cockpit biplanes,
legendary warbirds including the P-51 Mustang, Spitfire, and B-17 bombers, 
as well as other fun flying machines such as floatplanes, helicopters, and gliders.

Michael McCafferty
Michael McCafferty

Car Guy
(auto racing SCCA: BMW, Mustang, Ferrari). 
Owner of various exotic cars including several Ferraris over the years. (link)


Pool shooter
2003-2010: Highest skill level.
Undefeated winner of multiple tournaments. (blog)

1965-1971: honorable discharge from WVANG and PAANG, 
expert marksman, awarded American Spirit Honor Medal,


Founder/CEO of DoubleM Systems
Advisor to entrepreneurs

Also: Writer. Minimalist. Vegetarian. Yogi. 
Long time resident of Del Mar.
It's all about the ocean view, surf sounds, 
getting down on the beach, fresh air, sunsets, night sky...
and helping others.


Enough about my past.
If you're an entrepreneur
let's talk about your future...