Computer Guy

Computer Guy
Sunset at DoubleM Systems (, Del Mar, California

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Checklist advances to Version 7.5

1.  Extensive use of Data Validation dropdown selections reduces typing and improves the mobile experience.
2.  New simplified score system makes it easy for users to make changes without getting into the formula specifics. Custom function programmed by our Bejing China resource.
3.  High score last 7 days, and Average score last 7 days, for extra motivation.
4.  Updated document.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Good Words

"My journey with you has been an amazing learning experience which I enjoy and value.  You are a consummate professional and I appreciate our relationship."

These were the words that greeted me in this morning's email, from a coaching client who is a CFO and on the board of directors of a public company. I've been working with him for about six months.

It's always great to know that I'm helping someone.


(speaking of Good Words, 
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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Set for Maximum Productivity

Setup for Maximum Productivity: monster 65 inch Samsung monitor driven by MacBook Pro via HDMI cable, wireless Magic Keyboard, wireless Magic Trackpad, and wireless Magic Mouse. 

On the monitor, top left, clockwise:
1. Business Plan
2. Email
3. "The System" (my not-so-secret weapon... see This Link.)
4. Calendar
5. YouTube video of calming seascapes.
(Not shown: YouTube calming classical music)

Also noteworthy are the Baffin down booties... gotta keep the feet warm!  :)

Update: 1/2/2017 - Using the MacBook Pro for the on-screen video and the background music seems to diminish the responsiveness of the Mac, so I offloaded the video to a nearby iPad, and the audio to a nearby iPhone 6 (without SIM card) not being used for testing. This made a major difference.

Of course, my iPhone 7 is also close at hand, and is running ToBeWise Pro, giving me great motivational/inspirational notifications every hour, along with a reminder to Breathe. Smile. Move around. See

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