January 1, 2017

Set for Maximum Productivity

Setup for Maximum Productivity: monster 65 inch Samsung monitor driven by MacBook Pro via HDMI cable, wireless Magic Keyboard, wireless Magic Trackpad, and wireless Magic Mouse. 

On the monitor, top left, clockwise:
1. Business Plan
2. Email
3. "The System" (my not-so-secret weapon... see This Link.)
4. Calendar
5. YouTube video of calming seascapes.
(Not shown: YouTube calming classical music)

Also noteworthy are the Baffin down booties... gotta keep the feet warm!  :)

Update: 1/2/2017 - Using the MacBook Pro for the on-screen video and the background music seems to diminish the responsiveness of the Mac, so I offloaded the video to a nearby iPad, and the audio to a nearby iPhone 6 (without SIM card) not being used for testing. This made a major difference.

Of course, my iPhone 7 is also close at hand, and is running ToBeWise Pro, giving me great motivational/inspirational notifications every hour, along with a reminder to Breathe. Smile. Move around. See http://ToBeWise.co