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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Meditation on Meditation - Doing The Most Important Thing

There is a billionaire VC who will invest in startups ONLY if the CEO meditates. The VC went through a period of depression and on his path in finding his way back he found meditation. In this story it mentions that 50% of startup CEOs now engage in some form of meditation/mindfulness.

Personal experience with meditation has been a long time coming. I am a child of the Sixties when it was all Peace and Love and Here/Now. Meditation was being discovered and made popular in this group of hippies who were becoming self-aware. I knew of this, but I was also involved in high-pressure business startups, so it seemed that there was never enough time to for anything so frivolous as meditation. And yet all the time I suspected that it was the right thing to do, an important thing to do. Yet it never got done.

Things have changed...

As of this writing, my iPhone's Calm app has recorded 327 consecutive days of use, indicating that I have turned on the app and experienced 10 minutes of a guided breathing meditation. For me, that is an incredible achievement, because I have been doing something I have always wanted to do, and it has taken me so long to do it. It seems there is always something more important than taking a few minutes to do the Most Important Thing.

Meditation has become a habit now, but the process of becoming a habit involved periods of doing and not-doing. Before this streak of 327 days, the previous long streak was 55 days, and of course I was bummed that I missed a day, and thought of having to go through another 55 days to get past my record. Only partly because I wanted to set a new personal best (the competitive me), and partly because I realized 55 days was not enough to establish the habit strongly enough so that I would not miss.

There are a few apps for getting into meditation including Headspace, Calm, and today a new one by startup guru Kevin Rose he calls Oak. It's unimportant which one you use, or if you use any app at all. What's important is making meditation a consistent habit in the lifestyle you are building for yourself.

On the Unbearable Irony of Meditation Apps

Alan Watts - The Art of Meditation - A How-To guide, Pure Alan Watts 90 minutes audio

Monk Gloats Over Yoga Championship - just for the fun of it, an Onion classic

Monday, October 2, 2017

Free Ferrari Ride for New Startup CEO/founder Clients

Really? A free Ferrari ride! Sure, you work hard, you could use a break from all the stress of building a new company, you believe in setting goals, and getting help from the best people you can find, you deserve it, right?

This is a 2017 Ferrari California T (twin turbo) with 550 hp. and 196 mph top speed, 0-60 in 3.3 sec.
Don't worry, we won't go that fast!

Some conditions apply, of course:
You must be a startup CEO/founder, and a new client of DoubleM Systems.
Limited time offer.
One per new client.
Not transferrable.
No, you can't drive it.

Some other conditions may apply, such as availability, nice weather, not during rush hour traffic, San Diego North County coastal route, no children, pets, food or beverages in the car, etc.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Free Stuff

The App

We built the mobile app ToBeWise™, to be a simple system to succeed in Life and Business.
iOS only available. No signup, no spam, no ads. Just pure yummy Wisdom for Life and Business, non-sectarian, practical, positive, G-rated, and Free, 5-star. What are you waiting for?
Click for more information and download your free app now.

The Poster 

The Ten Commandments for Managing a Young, Growing Business.
Suitable for framing hard copy, signed/dated, presented to clients at first meeting.
Click for online preview.

The Book

Clients are welcomed with a complimentary, signed, copy of my book  "The Spirit of Adventure." 
Click for Amazon listing and reviews.

The System

EZchecklist™ is the "unfair advantage" you will have in Life and Business. EZchecklist is our proprietary methodology for high productivity and doing the most important activities to achieve your Goals. Used by our best clients. 

Services and Fees

Ideal Client profile 

CEOs who lead companies* with sales of $1MM or more**, preferably in tech, and looking to make significant changes for the better, quickly. The CEO is not looking for a "lifestyle coach" but rather solid, actionable, real world business advice. His company is facing real challenges in funding, management, sales, and/or profits.

Services and Fees* 

(updated 10-1-17)

Satisfaction Guarantee: Our goal is your enthusiastic recommendation to your business associates. If you are unhappy, we'll make it right or return your payment.

Initial Meeting. Prospective clients can expect a first meeting of 1-2 hours to be free of charge. After this meeting, the prospective client may be invited to apply for client status. If the application is accepted provisionally,  fees are as follows:

New Clients are accepted as time permits. Each new client receives a thorough Business Opportunity Analysis. This typically requires 5 hours of 1-1 time after client online data entry. It is possible that the Analysis would result in the withdrawal of client status and the fee will be returned. 1,250 USD.

Note that businesses with operations in industries such as porn, religion, government, gambling, and others outside our areas of expertise will not receive invitations to apply for client status.

Retainer for monthly board/advisor meetings. Includes one monthly detailed board meeting, plus additional 1-1 meeting time during the month as needed. A minimum of 5 hours per month. 1,250 USD.

Additional hours can be arranged in prepaid 5 hour blocks. The time can be used in lesser increments as needed. 1,250 USD.

Incidentals. Brief client phone calls, emails, texts, etc. are included in the basic fees without additional charge.

Location options: Physical meetings can be in person at client site (San Diego area only), our office in Del Mar, or online. Travel time is included in the basic fees.

Terms: prepayments are accepted via Venmo, credit card, direct deposit.

Special Services. Preferences for client engagements that include significant additional opportunities  beyond the scope of hourly rates, such as a share of cost savings, sales increases, funds raised, etc.


* I prefer tech and avoid the following types of businesses: Food, Drugs, porn, gambling, religion, politics, firearms, explosives, war materiel, and illegal or controversial activities (conspiracy theories, etc.).

**Exceptional CEOs may apply for negotiated arrangements and fees.


My Why:

Why do I do this work?
I've been lucky to have had a good exit 25 years ago.
I'm comfortable and don't need an income from work, so why do I do this?
I work because I love my kids (Kendra and Mike) and I want to be a good example to them, and it keeps me moving and my mind engaged, and I really like helping people, and the people I understand the best are other CEOs... So basically it's a Legacy motivation. Selected CEOs are the lucky recipients of my mission to Pay it Forward.