October 2, 2017

Free Ferrari Ride for New Startup CEO/founder Clients

Really? A free Ferrari ride! Sure, you work hard, you could use a break from all the stress of building a new company, you believe in setting goals, and getting help from the best people you can find, you deserve it, right?

This is a 2017 Ferrari California T (twin turbo) with 550 hp. and 196 mph top speed, 0-60 in 3.3 sec.
Don't worry, we won't go that fast!

Some conditions apply, of course:
You must be a startup CEO/founder, and a new client of DoubleM Systems.
Limited time offer.
One per new client.
Not transferrable.
No, you can't drive it.

Some other conditions may apply, such as availability, nice weather, not during rush hour traffic, San Diego North County coastal route, no children, pets, food or beverages in the car, etc.