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Friday, April 10, 2009

Hiring people the most efficient and effective way possible

Here's an email from someone I have worked with recently:

Hello Michael,

Just a note to let you know that I'm using some of the tools you taught me. Specifically the Group Interview -- it's brilliant -- we have benefited greatly from your system for hiring sales people. When I first proposed it our HR consultants they said "that's a bad idea, it's cheesy don't do it". So I bypassed them and laid it out to our Operations Manager, he said that's interesting -- never heard of anybody doing that -- let's give it a try. The first time we used it we landed an outstanding sales rep that has taken our business in new directions. He commented about the group interview and thought that was an interesting twist and really differentiated us from other companies that he interviewed with.

As I speak we are interviewing candidates for sales positions. We had two group interviews this week and have narrowed it down to five individuals. We are going to hire two or them-- just as you suggested!

You may want to consider doing a blog post about it. The concept of the group interview, with the voice message and email follow up is so effective at weeding out people who; don't contribute, don't follow directions, don't care and sound bad on the phone when they leave a message.

Jim Watson, Owner-CEO