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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Why ToBeWise™ for Startups

 Q: What is the rationale for a startup founder/CEO/team to study these quotations?

A: Studying quotations from successful venture capitalists and entrepreneurs can offer startup founders, CEOs, and teams several benefits:

  • Wisdom and Insight: These quotations often encapsulate years, if not decades, of experience in just a few words. By studying them, founders can access distilled wisdom without having to go through the same trials and tribulations.

  • Inspiration and Motivation: The entrepreneurial journey is fraught with challenges. Quotations from those who've been through it and succeeded can serve as a source of motivation, reminding founders of the bigger picture and the potential rewards of perseverance.

  • Perspective: These quotes can provide a different perspective or approach to a problem that a startup might be facing. It might offer a new way to think about an issue or validate a strategy the team is considering.

  • Avoiding Mistakes: Some of these quotations might highlight common pitfalls or mistakes in the startup world. By heeding these words, startups might be able to sidestep some of these common errors.

  • Strategic Thinking: Many venture capitalists think in terms of market dynamics, competitive advantage, and long-term value creation. Their quotes can help founders align their strategies with these broader themes.

  • Understanding Investor Mindset: If a startup is looking to raise funds, understanding how top VCs think can be invaluable. It can offer insights into what investors prioritize and value, which can be instrumental in pitching and negotiations.

  • Networking and Building Relationships: Being familiar with the thoughts and philosophies of influential people in the startup ecosystem can be a conversation starter and can help in building relationships at networking events or conferences.

  • Decision Making: The world of startups often involves making decisions under uncertainty. Some quotes emphasize the importance of decisive action, calculated risk-taking, and adaptability, which can guide founders in their decision-making processes.

  • Cultural and Value Building: Quotations that resonate with a founder can be integrated into the company's culture and values. They can serve as guiding principles for the team and can be referred to during company meetings, strategy sessions, and onboarding new members.

  • Continuous Learning: The tech and startup industry is one of rapid change and evolution. These quotes often reflect timeless principles but also emphasize the importance of continuous learning and adaptation. They can inspire founders to always remain curious and be on the lookout for new knowledge and insights.

In essence, these quotations are not just words but encapsulations of experiences, lessons, and philosophies. While not every quote will resonate with every founder, the right ones can serve as a compass, guiding startups through the myriad challenges they face.

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Friday, October 13, 2023

Why? Why are we here? Why wisdom? Why ToBeWise™, Why now

 Why is the ultimate question. Why are we here? If we pose this question to AI, we get this:

The question of why individuals exist in the world is a deep philosophical and existential one that has been explored by many philosophers, theologians, and thinkers throughout history. It's a question that doesn't have a single definitive answer, as it can vary depending on personal beliefs, values, and perspectives.

Some people find meaning and purpose in life through personal relationships, career achievements, contributing to society, or through spiritual or religious beliefs. Others may embark on a journey to discover their own purpose and meaning in life.

Ultimately, the answer to why you are here is a deeply personal one, and it may evolve and change throughout your life as you gain new experiences and insights. It's a question that you may continue to explore and define for yourself over time.

The one common thread in all of human existence is that we must learn in order to grow. We learn from our environment, from others, and, as has been the case for thousands of years, we learn from what we read. We learn from reading the wisdom of the ages, as written by those who came before us, who have experienced the greatest of the many challenges of life, we learn from the greatest minds who ever lived. 

So the answer to why are we here, is to learn, and then to apply that learning to our own personal growth and to share what we know to help others. What could be a higher calling? What could be a better way of life?

What is the most important thing to learn? It is wisdom. It says this in Proverbs 4:7: Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

Wisdom is the knowledge to do the right thing. The confidence that whatever you do, it will be the right thing, you can do no wrong. Imagine having such a super power. To be a superior person in all circumstances. To move through life with the feeling that you have such a power, living without fear, worry, or concern of any kind. 

Is it possible to live this way, at all times in this human experience? Certainly it is the ideal, for what could possibly be better than to live every moment fully and with the knowledge that you are creating each moment based on the foundation of the accumulated knowledge of the wisest humans who ever lived.

Imagine all this wisdom at your fingertips, literally. In your phone of course, a simple app, and it's called, appropriately enough, ToBeWise™. It contains the wisdom of the ages, from over 800 of the greatest minds in recorded history, on hundreds of subjects. Such is ToBeWise™. Download ToBeWise™  free, now, here.

Apps tend to be such stupid things, diversions in the form of games and news and social media... all a complete waste of time. Chewing gum for the mind. A plug in drug.

ToBeWise™ however delivers your superpower with every second you interact with it. You will feel the wisdom becoming an integral part of your being. You will want more, and you will become a better person moment by moment. For all of the ways you can become addicted to an app, ToBeWise™  is the smartest possible choice for an addiction. The addiction of self improvement.

The fact that it is free, without advertising, and downloadable at a moment's notice is a most wonderful example of modern technology, used for the ultimate purpose of making the world a better place, one human being at a time. Download ToBeWise™  free, now, here.

One of the most powerful features of ToBeWise™ is the ability share your newfound wisdom with friends, and others too. And to learn even more from the sharing with their feedback, for we are social creatures and we grow from the experiences of others.  "If I have seen farther, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants" said Isaac Newton, the great mind who discovered the laws gravity and movement of planets and stars. He knew that we all learn from each other, and it is the highest level of being to contribute the the world around us. This is the promise of ToBeWise™. To Be Wise. Not to become wise, but to already Be wise. To have that superpower. Download ToBeWise™  free, now, here.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
For boldness has genius, magic, and power in it.
Begin it Now!.

Goethe was the 18th century genius who shared that thought with us on the subject of taking action, in the present moment. Everything that exists, or has ever existed in the history of the world, has been brought into existence because someone took action. They had an idea and they took action.  

We sometimes call these action-oriented people entrepreneurs. Those brave souls who step out of the status quo to create a world they are confident can be. 

This entrepreneurial spirit is such an extraordinary element in building a better world that ToBeWise™  contains a unique resource just for entrepreneurs in a special collection on the challenges of Startups and the the wisdom of the great startup superstars such as Jobs, Musk, Altman, and so many more. 

ToBeWise™ moves at your pace. A steady and loyal companion on your life journey. It's not like you need to take years off to attend some school. It's learn as you go, when you want/need. No stress, no worry. Drink your fill as you want. You will soon see that you will want more as you learn more. It becomes natural, and fun.  Download ToBeWise™  free, now, here.

It may seem a hopeless task, to have wisdom, and yet it is trivially easy to attain, if only one simply moves in that direction. Download ToBeWise™  free, now, here.

The choice is yours, to begin it now.
Download it free, now, here.
So easy to use.
You will soon have the wisdom of the ages.
Begin it now.

Or, you could so something else.
You could watch TV, or browse social media, news, whatever. How has that been working out for you?

Paramahansa Yogananda put it as simply and directly as possible: The result cannot be achieved if the experiment is not made. Download ToBeWise™  free, now, here.