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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Startup Sieve of Success

The Problem:
There is a continuous and growing stream of startups, making it impossible for me to help all of them in person, as an advisor and possible investor.  There must be a way of selecting the startups that are of most interest to me.  This has lead to the Double M Systems' Startup Sieve of Success.

The Solution:
The Startup Sieve of Success accepts all possible business ideas in at the top, applies a series of filters, and only the businesses that make it through are ideal for Double M Systems.  

The Startup Sieve of Success

Auto-reject list:  
Gambling, porn, religion, drugs, weapons, sex, marriage, dating, travel, government regulated, political, lifestyle businesses (franchises, restaurants/bars, car washes, laundromats, dry cleaners, coffee shops, etc).  Hardware including all electronic devices, robots, airplanes, automobiles, space vehicles.  Entertainment (games, movies, music).  People under 21.  Key team members living outside of San Diego area.

Reward Analysis:
How big?  50 million minimum.  Hockey stick growth.
How fast?  36 months.

Risk Analysis:
     How much?  10-250k seed round.
     Team?  Experienced.  Committed.

Very Large Market
High Gross Margins



Helps people

Board Level Advisor

Extra points: 
traction, sales, renewals


If you have made it this far with your business idea, you have my attention.  We could work well together.  Email me at or call 858.342.6949 for fast results.

If your business doesn't make it through our sieve, even if it could be the next Apple, you will do well to look elsewhere for assistance.  See our list of Resources for Entrepreneurs in the right column.  ------->

Exception: If you do make it through the auto-reject filter, and yet fall short in one of the other categories, such as only being able to return 40 million instead of 50, then you are encouraged to be persistent in contacting us as we may be able to find a way to improve the numbers.  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

On Love, Death and Startups: A Valentine's Day Retrospective

Even the king of the jungle is not immune.

A startup is fragile.  
It can die in an instant.
Many relentless and growing forces are against it.

What could possibly overcome such entropy?

Love is the answer.
Love for a product or service that solves a problem.
Love for a solution in the service of others.
Love for a puzzle solved.

True love.
Sustaining love.
Life's-work love.

Not the love of quick money, or fame, or revenge.
These arrows do not carry.

The love of which we speak 
must resonate at the core of the founder, 
the original thinker 
whose idea has found its time.

The founder must radiate this love to all,
and in doing so, attract others to the cause.

Love is the growth hormone of a startup.

But love is also death to a startup.

Love is a madness, by definition.
Love is irrational, undefinable, and erratic.
History is filled with stories of death and destruction caused by love.

Love consumes a massive percentage of personal bandwidth.
Unless the all-consuming love is for the startup,
the chances of success are greatly limited.

An investor's worst nightmare is a founder who falls in love.
Microsoft began to slide into mediocrity when Gates fell in love.
Zuckerberg gave $100 million to Newark schools because of his girlfriend.
Imagine the greatness lost with such diversions...

Give us love, for the startup.
Protect us from love for any other.

Love is the primordial soup of creation of a startup.
Love is poison to a startup.
Love is the antidote.

Love is the small boy wanting to pet the big dog,
but frozen by fear of being eaten by it.

Love is a madness.

Love lives past the edge of reason.
Beyond reason live monsters.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What is your Entrepreneurial DNA?

Are all entrepreneurs wired the same?

"Of course not! We're different".  You say.
But what does that mean for the type of business you should run, how you should run that business and who you should have on your team in that business?
You’re about to find out!
3+ years of research with thousands of entrepreneurs participating led to the discovery of BOSI - a behavioral quadrant that segments entrepreneurs into 4 very different groups. Part of that research led to the creation of the BOSI Assessment – a quick and fun tool.
This is your chance to figure out which type of entrepreneur you are - Specialist, Builder, Opportunist or Innovator. Your results will give you eye opening insight into the predisposed strengths, weaknesses and best practices for entrepreneurs who are wired like you.
The BOSI Assessment is free so take it today! You’ll also be able to compare BOSI Profile to those in your social network. That’s insight you’ll be able to leverage to build better community, have richer networking experiences and build optimized marketplace alliances.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The one and only, new and improved, Interactive Pocket Guide for Entrepreneurs (version 3.1)

Continuing a tradition that started almost 30 years ago with the publishing of the Ten Commandments for Managing a Young, Growing Business, we are pleased to announce this latest and greatest Pocket Guide for Entrepreneurs.  With content expanded over 300%, printed on the highest quality papers, and perfect bound, it is truly the best of its kind.

This latest guide earns the adjective Interactive because it uses QR codes on most pages, allowing smartphone users to link to additional web content, and where readers can post questions, comments, and interact with other entrepreneur/readers.  We have never seen another traditional book on any subject that uses QR codes so extensively.

The book sells for only $12.95 per copy.  Orders for 5 or more are priced at only $10 per copy.  Add appropriate tax and shipping.  Call 858.699.0901 and ask for Erika to place your order today.

Or, buy it now at  Click here!