February 14, 2012

The one and only, new and improved, Interactive Pocket Guide for Entrepreneurs (version 3.1)

Continuing a tradition that started almost 30 years ago with the publishing of the Ten Commandments for Managing a Young, Growing Business, we are pleased to announce this latest and greatest Pocket Guide for Entrepreneurs.  With content expanded over 300%, printed on the highest quality papers, and perfect bound, it is truly the best of its kind.

This latest guide earns the adjective Interactive because it uses QR codes on most pages, allowing smartphone users to link to additional web content, and where readers can post questions, comments, and interact with other entrepreneur/readers.  We have never seen another traditional book on any subject that uses QR codes so extensively.

The book sells for only $12.95 per copy.  Orders for 5 or more are priced at only $10 per copy.  Add appropriate tax and shipping.  Call 858.699.0901 and ask for Erika to place your order today.

Or, buy it now at Amazon.com:  Click here!