February 26, 2012

The Startup Sieve of Success

The Problem:
There is a continuous and growing stream of startups, making it impossible for me to help all of them in person, as an advisor and possible investor.  There must be a way of selecting the startups that are of most interest to me.  This has lead to the Double M Systems' Startup Sieve of Success.

The Solution:
The Startup Sieve of Success accepts all possible business ideas in at the top, applies a series of filters, and only the businesses that make it through are ideal for Double M Systems.  

The Startup Sieve of Success

Auto-reject list:  
Gambling, porn, religion, drugs, weapons, sex, marriage, dating, travel, government regulated, political, lifestyle businesses (franchises, restaurants/bars, car washes, laundromats, dry cleaners, coffee shops, etc).  Hardware including all electronic devices, robots, airplanes, automobiles, space vehicles.  Entertainment (games, movies, music).  People under 21.  Key team members living outside of San Diego area.

Reward Analysis:
How big?  50 million minimum.  Hockey stick growth.
How fast?  36 months.

Risk Analysis:
     How much?  10-250k seed round.
     Team?  Experienced.  Committed.

Very Large Market
High Gross Margins



Helps people

Board Level Advisor

Extra points: 
traction, sales, renewals


If you have made it this far with your business idea, you have my attention.  We could work well together.  Email me at MM@doubleMsystems.com or call 858.342.6949 for fast results.

If your business doesn't make it through our sieve, even if it could be the next Apple, you will do well to look elsewhere for assistance.  See our list of Resources for Entrepreneurs in the right column.  ------->

Exception: If you do make it through the auto-reject filter, and yet fall short in one of the other categories, such as only being able to return 40 million instead of 50, then you are encouraged to be persistent in contacting us as we may be able to find a way to improve the numbers.