February 8, 2014

I Am = My Business = Me

One of my favorite Emerson quotations:

An institution (business) is the lengthened shadow of one man.

There is one person in every business who sets the tone, the mission, the character of the business. Success or failure is in one person's hands.

If you want to know how well a business is really doing, look beyond their website and even their financial statements, beyond anything anyone tells you about the business.

Look to the person behind the business, the founder, the CEO who will attract team members with like character.  And together that team will grow, or destroy, the business.

When I take on a new Protege, I first evaluate the person's character, without regard to the business. Where there is a strong character, I can add value. Where the character is weak, I will keep looking.

For more practical advice on this matter, check this link: