January 22, 2013

Appreciation goes a long way

It has been demonstrated that people are more motivated by appreciation/recognition than money, even me!  So it's nice to hear some good words every once in a while, isn't it?  Well then, why not spread the love around and tell a few of the important people in your life how you really feel?  Not just your employees, but what about your accountant, attorney, IT guy, wife/girlfriend?

For example, here's an email I received from one of my Protégés late last week:

Thank you for everything you do, I feel like there isn't another person on earth as qualified as you which is why I don't have an advisory board yet :) I think you have moved my standards too high!  (ND)

And here's a message that came in this morning:

FastMikie, remember our brief call last Sept/Oct/whenever? Following your funding advice, I was able to raise over $100K in less than 5 weeks through non-traditional channels, 5 personal investors out of 8 attempts at an overall APR of roughly 4.9%. Not too bad, huh? Now I can launch both ventures... We already have 5 sponsors (my IT guy is having trouble keeping up) and things are looking good. Thanks for the advice! (RM)

I think you can guess how good that makes me feel.  Now it's your turn to see how good you can make someone else feel.  Go for it!  

I'll bet even YOU will feel better for it!