March 9, 2011

Living on the edge


Home is in Del Mar, a small beachfront village just north of San Diego.  Home is filled with the sounds of the surf, the colors of sunset on the Pacific, the view to the far horizon, the fresh seaside air...  Home is filled with healthy plants of great variety, splashing fountains, hummingbirds.

Home is planned to perfection, a magical place for business meetings, providing maximum comfort, superior to any restaurant, or meeting room, or coffee shop, or other public place.

Home is Mikie's Fun House.

At the edge of a cliff, at the edge of the sea, at the edge of two tectonic plates, at the edge of mountains and desert, and the open sky above all, it is the meeting of multiple ecosystems.  The weather is always great and yet always changing, here at the edge. There is a great energy about this place.