March 19, 2011


Yesterday I was approved for membership in San Diego Tech Coast Angels. TCA is formed for the purpose of investing in early stage startups. One of my primary purposes of joining was to learn more about how professionals evaluate the potential for success of business ventures.

While I am now a member of the club, I guess I'm not a real "angel" until I actually write a check to invest in one of the startups that have applied to TCA for funding. So far, I participated in 7 "screening sessions" and 3 "post-screening" sessions of different companies who have applied to TCA for funding.

It's quite the intellectually stimulating process! The members are very intelligent and experienced in a wide variety of businesses.

As a member, one of my responsibilities is to be on the lookout for startups that would be appealing investments for TCA. So if you are, or know of, a startup that would like to apply, please let me know!