March 14, 2010

First Meeting - No Charge

The offer of a one-time-only introductory no-charge phone meeting to discuss your business situation will be more productive if we can agree on some basic points before we talk. There are some things I will be unable to help you with. For example, I prefer to focus on matters other than politics, religion, porn, gambling, fashion, celebrities, sports, entertainment, games, and Multi-Level Marketing. If your business is involved with topics other than those, then we might have something to talk about.

The topics that most interest me are New business startups, Business Planning, Positioning, Exit Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Funding, Finance, Personnel... in short, most of the issues facing the owners of young, growing businesses.

The first thing to do is to schedule an appointment. (See red tab on right of screen). Next, if you need me to sign a non-disclosure agreement, please send it for fast approval. After that, please email the information I'll need to prepare for our meeting (reports, links, plans, etc).

If the information you send looks like I might be able to contribute something, then your appointment will be approved, and I will call you at the appointment time and date. If your information looks to be something I can not help with, then I'll send you an email with more detail and your appointment will be removed from the calendar automatically.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Before we discuss your business, you may feel more comfortable having a written agreement that keeps your information private. Please email your agreement to me for quick approval. When you get it returned, then please email any documents, links, software, reports, graphics, video, etc for review before our meeting. For a sample NDA, download it here.