February 12, 2010

Mental Health Days

The Protégé sometimes gets sidetracked, just temporarily, but then gets suddenly swamped by real world random events, and then spins completely out of control.

This is a good time to take a breath.
And another one.

The Protégé breathes, and relaxes a bit, thankful for the break.
The Protégé wants to stop the world. Things are moving too fast.
The Protégé feels behind the power curve.
Disappointed in self.
And the Protégé pushes back.
Against the Mentor!

Move meetings to every other week.
Because there is no time to prepare for a weekly meeting?
The logic escapes me,
but it is all about the Protégé not the mentor.

So I look at this as the Protégé's mental health day.
You gotta honor a mental health day request.

And I'm not as constrained by the real world
as is my Protégé,
so I can move a lot more quickly, and surely.
I can see how a Protégé's mental health day
could work to the benefit of the mentor as well.

But soon the path must be again taken up,
confident that the rest has given strength,
and gratitude, and renewed commitment.