February 10, 2010

Elevator Story: I (heart) what I do...

These 5 words, delivered with a smile, eye contact, enthusiasm,
and supported by appropriate and choreographed body movements,
seems to be an ideal introduction to an elevator story,
that we are obliged to get in quickly and deliver with confidence, curiously attractive enthusiasm, and with the potential of great benefit to the listener of the story.

The power of these 5 words is because it moves us to consider deeply what we do,
and thereby opening the path to doing more of the stuff we love to do.

Saying a thing ("I love what I do!")
leads to doing a thing (Doing what I love)
but it is not doing.
Saying is only part doing.

If you can say what you truly love about your work,
you have found a key to a happy life
if you just do more of it.

Of course, that doesn't mean success in business,
just a happy life.
Success in business is an entirely different matter.

and buy something nice for yourself, or as a gift.