October 19, 2006

The System for Revealing Secrets (NDA)

Everyone is concerned about revealing secrets.
Can you trust the person who needs to know more before they can help you?

This challenge has been solved long ago
with a document called a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Click on the link below, and modify it to suit your purposes.
Just remember to get your own legal representation.
I'm not a lawyer and I'm not giving legal advice.
That's the job of your lawyer.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Bi-lateral) (MS Word .doc file)

This piece of paper will never
keep people from stealing your secrets, of course.
But it puts people on notice that you are serious
and will use the law to protect your interests.

My take on "ideas" is that they are really worthless.
It is only by the hard work of making them real
that they have any value at all.
Most people will never be interested in stealing your ideas.
They have plenty of their own to deal with.
Further, if someone was really so dim-witted that
they needed to steal someone else's ideas,
then you can probably rest assured that they
are dim-witted enough that you could easily win in the market.
And, could they ever match your passion for the idea?

For a system for protecting your inventions, see
Inventors' Assistance League, Inc.
Watch the video, then contact the top guy there.
His name is Rusty Ruscetta and he has been
a good friend more than 15 years.