October 20, 2006

Post It Power

Here's a little something I've been wanting to do:
A customized Post-it note to deal with the stuff
that comes across my desk in a non-stop blizzard.

The trick is to handle each item only once,
and to move it out of the In pile to the Out pile
as quickly and efficiently as possible,
thereby leaving absolutely nothing hanging about
to make a complete mess of things.

This is a general purpose note to my assistant
that saves me countless writings of the words
thank you, file, donate, etc.
I especially like the yin-yang graphic,
which is a little Zen island of calm
in what can sometimes get to be a high-energy day.

I designed this little critter online at iPrint.com
I could get a low-volume at a low price for this prototype.
("Do Good Now, Make It Better Later")