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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Should you pay a mentor?


It’s a question I hear almost daily.

And the answer I give is this... 👇 

Let’s look at it from a different perspective…
If a mentor CAN HELP YOU…

🔥 Remember your ‘why’
🔥 Create a plan to make it a reality
🔥 Keep you on track
🔥 Get more leads, more consistently
🔥 Convert more leads, more consistently
🔥 Keep your customers for longer
🔥 Increase the value of each customer
🔥 Introduce new products and services
🔥 Streamline your operations
🔥 Turn your business into a repeatable, scalable system
🔥 Get you working ‘on’ instead of ‘in’ your business
🔥 Be a better leader
🔥 Give you clarity over what you should be doing
🔥 Get the most out of your team
🔥 Know who to hire (and who to fire) and when
🔥 Have those difficult discussions
🔥 Get your cash-flow sorted
🔥 Find cash-flow to fund growth
🔥 Get pitch ready
🔥 Find and connect with the right investors
And if they can;

💪 Open your eyes to ideas you hadn’t thought of
💪 Be your sounding board and voice of reason
💪 Pat your back when you do good
💪 Be your spark when you get stuck
💪 Make BETTER decisions, FASTER

And through doing so,

💙  Massively reduce your stress levels
💙  Stop you feeling overwhelmed
💙  Stop you feeling lonely/alone
💙  Save HUGE amounts of time and money that would otherwise be lost through trial and error
💙  Put the fun back in your business

Well, then...

Why WOULDN’T you pay them?

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