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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Audiobooks vs. Podcasts vs. Videos vs. Books

Audiobooks, Podcasts and Videos have the advantage that you can consume them hands-free, so you can be doing something else at the same time.

However, that advantage is also a major disadvantage. If you can be doing something else, then you most likely will  be doing something else, and with the reduced attention to the content, you will most likely miss important parts of the content.

Books require your full attention. You will find it difficult and dangerous to try to read a book while driving, walking, etc.  :)

Another disadvantage of podcasts and videos is that important content can not easily be bookmarked for later review. With books, this is easy.

Further disadvantages with audiobooks, podcasts and videos is that they are intended for serial consumption; that is you must start from the beginning and go to the end. It is easy go get bored with introductory material in these formats, and assume that you already know it all, and not persist with the content to find the true gems of knowledge. Books make it easy to skip around, to scan for chapter titles that are more interesting and to skip over stuff you already know.

If you really want to learn something, choose a book every time, take notes, and put what you learn to use in your daily life and/or your systems and processes in your business.

For maximum leverage, give a copy of important books to existing and prospective team members, and continue to reinforce the key points in 1-1 and team meetings. 

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