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Friday, September 18, 2020

Politics for the CEO

I'm an undecided voter, so please send me as many unfounded political memes, videos, rumors, conspiracy theories, outright lies, and your personal opinions as possible to help me decide... said no one, ever.

I'm not really an undecided voter, of course, and you probably aren't either, and there is virtually nothing you can post that will change anyone's mind. The percentage of undecided voters is around 10% so that means that half will go with each of the candidates, and therefore only 5% will go *your* way, so your junk political posts will have virtually zero effect on the elections. So why do we do it?
My guess is that it's a combination of frustration, monkey see / monkey do, and also because we are addicted to the endorphin hit we get when we get likes and even the hates.
None of it will have any effect on the real world, and it just creates more division.
I learned long ago that if you want to be successful in life and in business, it's a very good policy to keep your mouth shut, especially on the topics of sex, religion, and politics because you will likely alienate at least half of your audience and have no good effect at all.
Sharing juicy tidbits of news on social media is a signal that you have read the news, and you think your "friends" have not, and that they will really appreciate you telling them what is important for them to know. Do we really have friends that are so out of the loop on current events?
Let me share some news that's positive: I took a nice long walk by the ocean this morning, fresh air and sunshine, peace and quiet, while thinking good thoughts, then came home to meditate, stretch, and have a healthy breakfast. I hope that doesn't alienate anyone, and if it does, well I apologize and please delete me as a friend or unfollow...