March 2, 2018

CEO School: Know Thyself

On the subject of Knowing vs. Doing, we typically Know what we should be Doing, but we seldom Do what we Know we should Do. One reason for this is that we seldom truly Know what we Do! 

(You might want to read that again.)

And this leads us to that other thing that we know so well: "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." Therefore, if you are going to manage what you Do, you must measure it.

Here's a comparison of what I have been Doing for the last 10 days and comparing it to what I have been Doing Year to Date.

One thing that stands out is that I've been doing a lot more Reading (yellow slice) and a lot less "Negative Pursuits" (red). In my world Negative pursuits means TV. It's negative because it's passive, a plug-in drug, whereas Reading is active and educational. Another thing that leaps out from these charts is that I have spent ZERO time in my hammock in the last 10 days and only 2.6% Year to Date (orange slice). This is inexcusable and I will correct this as soon as humanly possible...

These very revealing charts are an automatic by-product of the Daily Checklist which I recommend for my clients, many of whom find it to be truly life changing. Of course, the categories of activities are completely customizable for each person who uses the Daily Checklist; not everyone likes hammock time as much as I do!


Update 3/7/18:

Less than a week after the above post was made, revealing just too much red, I decided to get serious, and while I still don't have any hammock time on the charts, I like the chart below a lot better. Negative time is almost eliminated, and Product Development shows some excellent improvement.

Could you benefit from Knowing what you Do?  Ask me how!