March 19, 2017

The Checklist™ Version 8.

1930s Ford logo
In the fullness of Time, and in the dawn of spring,
Version 8 has sprung forth,
and it is strong.

Major changes to The Checklist™...
We use it daily, and we love it more every minute.
It has become a Cyber Superpower.
As different from Version 7 as cheese from chalk.
A new paradigm.
Foundational and philosophical breakthrough.

Enough smoke?
OK, here are some details...

Lists of Major Features and Improvements:

1. Dropdown data entry and validation throughout.  This is really a much better user experience on smartphones. Quicker data entry, point/click; keyboard optional. Scoring is much easier to personalize without changing spreadsheet formulas. We are hitting 100,000-plus scores on most days and it really does encourage doing more!

2. Financial section added, with monthly Budget, calculated to daily Burn rate and cumulative burn, income, investment available, Runway, all the good stuff is calculated. If you can't generate cash this checklist, you should just get a job and work on a new plan.

3. Simplified. Reduced number of tabs: goals, priorities are integrated into cells for review in Notes.
History sheet was integrated into the Daily Checklist sheet and this allows add/delete/reposition activities (rows) without need to duplicate changes in History sheet. This is such a strong benefit to using creatively.

4. Built-in guided tour (column E) was removed, because the data validation drop down selections make the checklist is so obvious that Help was unnecessary.

5. Improved Analytics, because you need them.

6. Who-What-When has been improved. Bigly.  In use. Simplifies processes. Time added for Power Users. Unfair competitive weapon. Revealing this secret is inadvisable, except with very close friends.

7. Others improvements too mundane to mention, some of zero consequence, but fun. Many more improvements of all sorts to come, as always in our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Unrelated, Insignificant Notes:

1. Started using/enjoying Tab Modifier, the Chrome extension, that offers custom favicon-sized browser tab graphics so it is easy and fun to differentiate your many browser tabs, especially if pinned. Sweet! Started using the above V8 logo from 1930s Fords. Similar to the V12 logo for TeleMagic, one of my favorite creations! Isn't 8 a lucky number for Chinese?

2. Some routines programmed with help from good people in China, via UpWork.