December 30, 2016

Version 7 of "The System" has big New Year upgrade

Continuously improved for the last 2 years, Version 7 is now available:

1. Extensive use of personalized drop-down lists for fast data entry without using keyboard. This improvement makes the System much easier on mobile devices.

2. Additional Details column with custom drop-down lists for more granular analysis.

3. Additional "Hidden" rows for multiple entries (see Sales, Prod Dev., etc)

4. Total Productive Time calculation added.

5. Many cosmetic changes, to highlight most productive activities, the Purpose and the Score.

Shown is the complete daily checklist I'm currently using (shown as of 11AM today). My Score for the last couple of days has been over 80,000. I'm still shooting for 100,000, but I want to achieve it without stress. 

Note the photo of my son and daughter, who I think of as my inspiration for wanting to do the best I can. And speaking of "doing my best", that is a phrase borrowed with great appreciation from Marshall Goldsmith. Just saying those words to myself adds extra power to my actions. Try it!