February 8, 2015

My Why

Why SeaSweet Software? I have always advised entrepreneurs to consider this most important of all questions before they commit to a long term business adventure. See this video. Here's my answer, in 3 parts:

A. The Mission

Make a positive contribution in the world of business, the bigger the better. 
Create a system to improve the odds for success in business. 
To make it fun to be taking care of business.
Add one more successful bold adventure to my Legacy.

B. The Journey

They sicken of the calm, who knew the storm.
Dorothy Parker

    I enjoy creating original software product ideas and building a successful growing business to design, code, sell, and support the software. I also enjoy recruiting and managing a team of highly talented, positive, focused people and helping them execute plans to achieve optimum results for everyone in the business adventure. It's important to have fun while working to achieve great goals. The hermit in me seeks solitude to do deep thinking, and my personal social needs are fulfilled by working with team members on common goals.

C. The Destination

A man's reach should exceed his grasp,
or what's a heaven for?
Robert Browning

     The rewards. Software products have the potential to quickly produce maximum financial rewards for minimum investment. The idea of using Leverage to create the optimum output from minimum input, is the ultimate fun mental challenge for me. If unicorns can be built, then let's build one! I feel strongly that all team members should share in the rewards of building a great business. 

As for personal rewards, I already live comfortably and debt free near the sea in Del Mar, California. Yet there are a couple of home improvements that are significant enough to get me out of my comfort zone to achieve them:

Home, for the last 12 years, is a small condo one-half block from the edge of a cliff, with good views of the Pacific. It's paid for, serene, and suited to my minimalist lifestyle, although there are a few things I am motivated to improve: 

1. To be one half block closer to the surf, with easier access to the beach for long walks. A detached home, a with a guest room, a small exercise pool, and a garage for a car or two, a pool table and a fireplace. I do miss the warmth of a fire...  Here's a photo of a home that would fill the requirements nicely:

2. A modest nest egg to provide security and comfort for the future for myself and family. 

3. Anything beyond that, I'd follow the example of Buffett and Gates, giving it to others who would do good with it.

My advice to entrepreneurs is to be specific about their goals, with dates and dollars, and
so I'll take my own advice. To achieve the first two personal goals, The Number would be in the middle 8 figures, after taxes, and that seems reasonable for the potential of the SeaSweet adventure. I'd enjoy it if other key team members were to earn even greater rewards, and that all team members share appropriately in the rewards of a job well done. The target date to achieve these two goals would be in the 3-7 year range.

Beyond the financial rewards, it would be a good goal to have the SeaSweet software system taught in introductory business classes, recognizing it as the first and best of a new breed of software for success in business. 

This answer will continue to evolve with more specifics and photos to more effectively communicate my Why.