January 31, 2015

More FAQs

Q.  What is the Goal?
A.  The goal is 4-fold:
1. To grow a most extraordinary software company,
creating and selling software essential to our customers' success in business.
2. To recruit a first class team to the adventure.
3. To share the financial rewards with all team members.
4. To enjoy the journey.

Q.  What are the barriers to entry?
A.  Time. We need to move more quickly than competitors with products our customers want.

Q.  How much money are you looking to raise?
A.  Zero, at this time.  My first responsibility is to maximize shareholder value, and in the early stages of a startup, that means minimizing the percentage of stock in other hands. Remembering Commandment #2: Travel Light. My job for the immediate future is to build value without needing to sell shares.

Q.  What help do you need right now?
A.  Do you know a successful CEO who will welcome the opportunity to participate in our software survey? Want to make the introduction? Thank you!

Q.  What are the Priorities, near term (90 - 180 days)?
1. Major Premise Validation.  Research the target customers and the software products they use. 3 months. Produce a report at the end that can be used as the basis for assumptions going forward.
2. Recruit technical talent to help build the product.
3. Business model.

Q.  What is your Unique Advantage?
A.  Experience. Serial entrepreneur with track record of several successful startups based on original software products and services. Experience as CEO/founder, co-founder. Experience designing and programming the initial products. Experience building sales forces to bootstrap growth. The unique aspect of my experience is the combination of many key skills:  creative, technical, entrepreneurial, sales and marketing and financial. I have the confidence I can do this because I have done it several times before.

Q.  What is your Unique Disadvantage?
A.  Experience. Some might say there's too much of it, or at least too many years of it. I do have a few more miles than many typical startup founders. That's the tradeoff: you want Experience, it comes with Age.