December 7, 2014

Acknowledgements - updated June 25, 2015

This is a list of the people who have helped me, so far, with the product:


Technical Assistance:

Rob Bertholf, CEO/founder

Pavel Kingsep,
Moscow (elance)

Shiv Shukla, CEO/founder


Many CEOs:

Alan Frankel, CEO/founder

Alessandra Lezama, CEO

Asaf Benhaim, CEO/founder (exit)

Blaise Barrelet, CEO/founder (exit)

Brad Shoen, CEO (exit)

Charles Speidel, CEO

Chris Kenton, CEO/founder

Chris Rowan, CEO/founder

Dan Koziol, CEO/founder (exit)

Dana Nevins, CEO/founder

Garry Ridge, CEO

Greg Voisen, CEO

James Smith, CFO

Jerry Chamales, CEO/founder (exit)

Jerry Swain, CEO/founder (exit)

Joey Stewart, CEO/founder (exit)

Jonathan Friedman, CEO

Klaus Hofrichter, Founder

Kyle Slager, CEO/founder

Lee Jacobson, CEO

Lennart Johannson, CEO/founder

Marshall Goldsmith

Michael J. McCafferty, CEO/founder

Mike McKeever, CEO (ret.)

Olin Hyde, CEO/founder

Pawan Mehra, CEO (ret.)

Peter Davis, CEO (ret.)

Open Systems Accounting Software

Phil Kelly, CEO/founder

Phil Tauber, CEO/founder (exit)

Randy Biggs, CEO/founder (exit)

Randy Jones, CEO

Rick Cooper, CEO

Rob Strickland, Co-founder

Scott Robertson, CEO (exit)

Champion Accounting Software

Sean Curtis, CEO

Tom Brown, CEO/founder

Tom Dorosewicz, CEO/founder

Tricia Gregory, CEO/founder



Mark Kalina, MD

Mitch Russo,

Rand Mulford,

Scott Robertson


Thank you all for allowing me to
"stand on the shoulders of giants."

Michael McCafferty, CEO/founder,