October 9, 2014

Optimum startup CEO work week?

In search of the Optimum Startup CEO Week.  Each day of the week has a unique theme.  Following the outline will make sure the important things are addressed.  The startup week begins on Saturday, when the normal work week is over. The brain work takes place on the weekends, when it is not interrupted by real world events during the week.  The five days of the normal work week are all about Doing: taking Action, according to the plan.  How would you make this better?

Saturday: Think
     Emotion ignites startup creation. Reason takes chaos and optimizes the path from thought to reward. Objectivity is as essential as passion. Think big, start small. The first mistake is to think too little, the second is to think too much. 

Sunday: Plan
     Write your thoughts for clarity. Define the big Why, the strategy, and how to keep score.  Determine who does what, by when, for how much. Document checklists, key performance indicators. timelines and responsibilities.

Monday: Focus
     Limited resources require limited objectives. Prioritize. Concentrate on the top two. Deny shiny objects to give energy to essentials. Make management your competitive advantage. Delegate.

Tuesday: Recruit
     Share the dream to build a 5-star core team, top down: Board of Advisors first. Hire slow, fire fast. Reward superior performance. Always be recruiting.

Wednesday: Sell
     Cash is the lifeblood of the business. Sales solve all problems. Sell value to customers or sell equity to investors. Sell the mission to all. Create, maintain, improve and expand your selling systems.

Thursday: Build
     Expand methodically from a balanced business. Create systems for repeatable success. Create products based on customer feedback. "Do it, Document it, Delegate it." Build a strong body and peaceful mind to endure the journey.

Friday: Test
     Continuous improvement requires continuous experimentation. Feedback is the raw material to build your business. Everything is a prototype. Do good now, make it better later.

(Repeat.  Consistent rhythm creates predictable results.)