September 26, 2014

How to give the perfect PowerPoint pitch to VCs

By David Rose, serial entrepreneur, investor, and prolific Quoran, in a TED talk entitled Ten Things You Need to Know Before You Pitch a VC.

Fast paced, and right on the money.  Enjoy, Learn, Prosper!  Link to YouTube video.

Click here for the entire Q/A thread on Quora.

What VCs are looking for in the entrepreneur:
  1.  Integrity
  2.  Passion
  3.  Experience
  4.  Knowledge
  5.  Skill
  6.  Leadership
  7.  Commitment
  8.  Vision
  9.  Realism
10.  Coachability

1.  Logical Progression
2.  Things the VC knows or understands
3.  Validators

1.  Things VC knows are not true
2.  Things VC doesn't understand
3.  Things that make VC think
4.  Internal inconsistencies
5.  Typos, errors, unpreparedness

Short, short bullet points

Just the headline

Only images

The slides:
  1.  Company Logo
  2.  Business Overview
  3.  Management Team
  4.  Market
  5.  Product
  6.  Business Model
  7.  Strategic Relationships
  9.  Competition
 10.  Barriers to Entry
 11.  Financial Overview
 12.  Use of Proceeds
 13.  Capital and Valuation

Top tips:
1.  Don't look at the slides; make emotional connection with the audience
2.  Use a remote control
3.  Always use presenter mode
4.  Handouts are NOT your presentation
5.  Don't read your talk