May 20, 2014

Mass email pre-flight checklist

Of course you have your own checklist that you use to create the best possible outcomes from your email marketing campaigns.

But is it this well done?

The first thing I liked about it is the way it is broken up into sections, making it a lot easier to use because each of the sections is bite-sized. The sections make it more organized than just a long, long list that is pure chaos.  You probably did the same thing with your checklist, right?  Of course you did!

One thing I would add to the checklist is a post-email checklist to determine if you achieved your goals, and what you can do better next time.

I love that they call it a pre-flight checklist. Did you know that checklists were developed to help pilots deal with the ever-growing complexity of aircraft. It was a matter of life and death. (Read the true story) Your email marketing campaign is also a matter of life and death, of your business.

Use checklists! And continue to improve them.

Recommended book: The Checklist Manifesto