A few changes to this site

With the New Year, this site has taken on a few changes:

1.  The blog name has changed
     From "The Art and Science of Success in Business"  (artscibiz.blogspot.com)
     To:  "Begin it Now!"  (BeginItNow.com)

     It sure seems like a no-brainer, because Begin it Now is more action-oriented, easier to remember, easier to spell the URL (BeginItNow.com), and it shows up more clearly on smaller screens.

2.  Some minor cosmetic changes to improve the small screen experience.

3.  A resolve by the author to post more frequently.

4.  Easier email address: MM@BeginItNow.com
     (compared to the previous MM@doubleMsystems.com)

5.  Let me know how it works for you.  Happy New Year!