June 14, 2013

Smartphone Button Hall of Fame: Voice to text, iPhone 5

Speech recognition has finally come to Everyman.  Free!  Speaker independent, no training necessary, highly accurate, and a built-in part of the operating system so that it can be used in all apps.  This feature also enables multi-language translation.

This single button brings the power of the computer without the tedium of typing.  Generations to come will look at the keyboard as a curiosity from a time when computers were still evolving.  Voice recognition takes a lot of processor cycles, and that means Time.  It's just no good if it takes more than a second to understand what you are saying, and until recently computer chips just weren't fast enough to keep up.  Software, of course, has improved as well, and now we have this enormous power in the palm of our hands.

This allows huge increases in productivity by speaking emails and text messages because voice is so much faster than typing.  Additionally, if more gets done, it should result in higher profits.

Recent offerings by Google allow instantaneous translation to text, so that you see the words appear as you speak them.

What fun!