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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I wish I knew Now Me when I was Young Me...

I don't know these people. That's not Now Me and it's not Young Me. And I sure don't wear suspenders or t-shirts like that. Just some photo I copied to get the point across. And the point is to imagine if Young You could have Now You for guidance. Impossible, of course, but it is totally possible to...

“Be the person you needed 

when you were younger.” 

Ayesha Siddiqi

I wish I had a coach/advisor when I was dealing with all of the stress and challenges of the businesses I started over the years... I wish I knew Now Me when I was Young Me.

Being a CEO/founder is a tough job not only because of all the responsibility involved but because you are so alone at the top of your pyramid. There's really no one you can talk with. Your wife/girlfriend can lend a sympathetic ear, but they are probably not qualified to give you advice based on a lifetime of experience going through what you are dealing with. You certainly can't discuss your fear, uncertainty, and doubt with the people in your company. They need you to be the strong, confident leader who always has a plan. 

If Young Me knew Now Me, life would have had a lot less stress, less problems by far, faster results, better outcomes; I would have been smiling a lot more!

Now Me
That's where I come in. Been there, done that. Made lots of mistakes, and that's where the real learning happens. We don't learn as much from our successes as from our mistakes. So that's a big part of my job is to help my clients plan to avoid the big, ugly mistakes.

A big part of my job is to help with seeing the future clearly. Setting business and personal goals is probably the most important thing a CEO can do. Unfortunately, almost nobody does it. Less than 1 in 30 people write their goals. If a goal is not written down, then it has no power. 

After the goals are set, then the plan must be created, and then executed with high energy.
I like that part! I like being a CEO's secret superpower, the guy in the background. all the credit goes to the client. Complete privacy is assured. 

Clients are almost always from referrals. I'm not into Global Domination, so I don't do travel, speaking engagements, book signings, panel appearances, and networking.  I work with a small number of highly motivated people, one-on-one, here in Del Mar and online.

Begin it now
The first and best indicator of how a person will do in the future is if they have written goals. Most people will not do it. Doing it shows that they are serious. Depending on their goals and the nature of the business, then it would be good to meet and talk more.

Read Stephen Covey's First Things FirstIt's well written and complete, giving perspective into the various roles we have as individuals as well as business executives.  

Read this book, then write your goals and get committed to them. Do this, and you will be well on your way to achieving the life you have imagined.