May 30, 2012

Have an invention? Launch it with Quirky

From Inc. Magazine, read the full article here.

A new product development platform known as Quirky allows inventors to share and get help with their inventions.

Gary Rose knows fully the big payoff that comes from taking an idea to an invention. He launched his 
 brilliantly simple kitchen tool Tether, which allows wine glasses to be cleaned in the dishwasher without them breaking. Rose had help with his invention from more than 700 other collaborators from around the world. How is such an achievement possible? Only through a product development platform known as Quirky.

The Quirky process goes something like this:

1) A user submits an idea for review and modification by a community of more than 210,000 other innovators.

2) Upon receiving a critical number of votes, it is then analyzed by the Quirky product development team.

3) If the Quirky team decides the product is viable, then full product development begins.

4) The product is then sold through the Quirky Website as well as retail shelves in stores like Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

5) Royalties are paid out to all users who had influence on the final product according to the weight of their influence (The original idea-maker keeps the lion's share of the profits).

Think you have an innovative idea that solves a problem? Go to Quirky and create the solution!