March 3, 2011

On the challenges of life among the General Population

Over the past few months I have been getting out of my cave (Mikie's Fun House) and mixing with the General Population in ways not experienced in a long time.  Some of the reasons for this include:

1.  a modicum of notoriety due to the publishing of my book (The Spirit of Adventure), which has attracted visits from/to fellow aviators

2.  new transportation (check it out) that is way more fun than the pickup truck that I was experimenting with for the last year.

3.  renewed interest in a couple of stealth-mode startups I have been mulling for some time, which has, remarkably, put me

       a.  back in school, at UCSD, to learn about startup financing from highly experienced Venture Capitalists Neil Senturia and Barbary Bry.  No one could be more impressed with me than me, who knows me quite well, that I would willingly endure sitting in a room with 30+ students (all geniuses), for 3 hours at a clip, not just one time, but for a schedule of 9 weeks (with perfect attendance no less, and doing ALL my homework).  This ends next week, but since I have found the re-education of Mikie to be intellectually stimulating, I am planning on continuing with courses in physics, chemistry, and other subjects I intentionally skipped in college (because my priorities at the time were girls, business startups, girls, cars, and girls).

       b.  on the networking circuit, attending "Meetups" of budding entrepreneurs, seminars put on by Venture Capitalists and angel investors

       c.  even (gasp!) joining various groups in the VC and angel communities.

It may seem to those who have known me for many years that I have taken leave of my senses, but in fact these behaviors are simply evidence of being highly motivated.

However, because of the Law of Cause and Effect, there is a dark side to all of this public life stuff:

1.  The first thing to go is my highly treasured solitude, of course.  Rather, my many hours of solitude have been dramatically reduced, and therefore my time for yoga, meditation, writing, reading, and breathing have all been reduced.

2.   Exercise has been reduced.  It was already at a minimum, so any reduction is unacceptable.

3.   Food quality has been reduced.  While I still have the same vegan cook (and have for the past 26 years), I have taken more breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings and therefore consume the less than ideal meals found in public places.  Additionally, I am exposed to more impulse foods during meetings at Starbucks, etc.

4.  The results of the above have been to increase my weight and metabolic age somewhat, and a general decline in muscle tone.  Not a dramatic change in these areas, but changes nevertheless.

5.  Slight increase in stress due to a busy schedule.  My stress levels have been at or near zero for years!

So, the challenges are there, but as I am fond of saying: "It's not what happens to you, it's what you do about it that counts."  Well, the first step is in recognizing the situation for what it is.  Next is to reaffirm my overall goal of radiant good health.  And then, of course to create a Plan of Action, and execute.  (Think-Plan-Do-Repeat).

I am a master at creating Perfect Days, one at a time, and I will continue to focus on that.