January 8, 2011

Entrepreneurship is like Pornography...

"I can't define it, but I know it when I see it." In 1964 Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart wrote words to that effect when he tried to define pornography/obscenity.

If you had asked me yesterday how to define Entrepreneurship, I would probably have given you a similar answer, but today I have it down cold.

Entrepreneurship is "the pursuit of opportunity" according to "New Business Ventures and The Entrepreneur" (sixth edition). That's the textbook for the class I'm taking at UCSD starting next week.

Can you believe it? I'm going back to school, at the age of 68, to learn what it is that I have been doing for the last 50+ years.  For me, it was just some natural bodily function; I was just doing what came naturally, and now I learn that there's actually a methodology, a System for being an Entrepreneur.  I just can not pass up this opportunity, so I'm going back to school.  Probably be the oldest guy in the class!

I am going to try mightily to NOT say to fellow students: "I was starting businesses before you were born... heck, I was starting businesses before your *parents* were born!"

Wish me luck...