November 14, 2010

Testimonials: What other people say...

From time to time, unsolicited testimonials filter in. The words are nice to hear, and remind me that I have done some good in the world, and that gives me the encouragement to continue to do good. Here are a few of the things that people have said, and given permission for me to go public with their words:


When I started my firm in 1986 I didn't have a PC, I kept my client information on index cards in shoe boxes. When I found TeleMagic my company was catapulted forward.. I must have been one of your first year clients...

TeleMagic is what drove our sales from nothing to 20 Million plus.
No words will ever do that program's power justice, but regardless I'm glad to be able to share my experience.

Von Bedikian, President GBH Communications, Glendale CA (via email)

Wow, now that I am consciously thinking about what we WANT to do as a company vs. what we CURRENTLY do, I see how I got into this mess. The requests for my time are endless and many of them serve the client but not my business. Now I understand the value and importance of focus in a whole new way. Thank you for that.

Kirk Ranta, Ranta Consulting, Inc., La Mesa, CA (via email)

I first found TeleMagic in the early 90's and continued to use the product until I sold my company about 4 years ago. We used the software to invoice over 60,000 customers every month. Now as I begin a new business, I started searching for TM and ran across your story. I found it quite fascinating and didn't stop reading until I finished it, inspired and refreshed. Your story reminded me that it is not how many times we get knocked down, but rather the number of times that we get up. Thanks for the inspiration.

Randell Brooks, Dallas, TX (via Guestbook)

I just wanted to say I still use TeleMagic for DOS every day on my mini-network at home telemarketing. TeleMagic is a fabulous product. Thank you for creating it!

Paul Faulkner, England (via Guestbook)