November 20, 2010

Khan Academy, an Entrepreneur's Dream

Khan Academy ( is an excellent resource for quickly learning what you need to know.  It's free, online, and learn at your own pace, own time.  Salman Khan is the genius/faculty and idea guy.  

He is "Bill Gates favorite teacher", and funded by Google, Gates, and others.  This can only get lots better!

Check out the video interview with the founder on This Week In Startups.

Go to Khan Academy and check out these Entrepreneur topics (more being added all the time):

Venture Capital and Capital Markets
   Raising money for a startup
   Getting a seed round from a VC
   Going back to the till: Series B
   An IPO
   More on IPOs
   Equity vs. Debt
   Bonds vs. Stocks
   Chapter 7: Bankruptcy Liquidation
   Chapter 11: Bankruptcy Restructuring

Valuation and Investing
   Price and Market Capitalization
   Introduction to the Income Statement
   Earnings and EPS
   Introduction to the Price-to-Earnings Ratio
   P/E Discussion
   ROA Discussion 1
   ROA Discussion 2
   P/E Conundrum
   Enterprise Value

Additionally, there are tons of videos on math, statistics, chemistry, banking, history, finance, biology, the bailout, and more...