August 5, 2010

Prepare for the worst, expect the best

Here are some wise precautions that will prepare you for adversity and ensure your success:

  • Assume that vendors will be slower than they promise - and that you may have to stand on their heads to get things done (not that you should accept this if it's going on though!)
  • Assume click prices and advertising rates are going to go UP, not down
  • Assume Google's gonna slap you sooner or later, even if you've got the most righteous product on God's green earth
  • Assume your best source of customers could dry up with no advance notice
  • Assume the buying cycle is longer than you think it is, not shorter
  • Assume it's gonna get harder to raise capital, not easier
  • Assume some unforeseen problem, like a product defect, legal challenge or financial setback may pop up
  • Assume your top 3 plans might not work out, so have #4 and #5 in place too

(from a Perry Marshall email)