June 4, 2010

John Wooden's Pyramid of Success

I'm not at all into college basketball, but I'm definitely into "systems" and especially Systems for Success, so it is with great pleasure that today, on his final day on this planet, I discovered John Wooden's (legendary college basketball coach) very successful Pyramid of Success.

He must have given the subject of success a lot of thought, and had the opportunity to prove his system over a long career, and based on his results, he most certainly did prove it.

If you are looking for success in your life/work/whatever, you might want to check out John Wooden's lessons. See http://www.coachwooden.com for more information.

The graphic of his pyramid above is tough to read, so for a printable (PDF) download from his website, click http://www.coachwooden.com/pyramidpdf.pdf