July 14, 2009

System for Effective CEO / Advisor meetings

You can help our meetings go more effectively and efficiently if you:

Before our meetings:
1. Prepare an agenda for our time together.
Know what you want to cover, and prioritize your needs.
The more time you prepare for our meeting, the more you will get out of it.

2. Email links to documents, (agenda, reports, financial statements, business plans, etc)
at least 2 days before our meeting.
This allows enough time to review, make notes, and prepare questions.

3. Visualize how you want our meeting to go.
Breathe, relax, and resolve to be open, honest, and complete.
Have positive expectations, drop defensiveness.

During our meetings:
1. Make notes during our meeting to be sure you get everything right.
Recording our session is perfectly acceptable, as long as it is
for your own personal use and will not be published, broadcast,
or shared in any other way.

2. Sometimes you may feel that I am talking longer than necessary,
and that you have fully got the point and want to move on to the
next topic. Just tell me. No problem.

After our meetings:
1 Take some quiet time to review your notes,
and then summarize the important action items we discussed,
and write your summary in an email to me so that we can be
sure there is a meeting of the minds.

2. Complete and email the meeting feedback form.
These are your meetings and this is the best way to be sure you get what you need.

1. Thank you for: No smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, no guests, no pets, no gifts.