July 17, 2009

Mentor - Protégé Meeting Feedback Form

The meetings are all about success for the Protégé. The mentor is there to serve the needs of the Protégé. To help your mentor meet your needs and to assure Continuous Improvement, a feedback loop is essential.

After each meeting, the Protégé has the opportunity to communicate to assure that the needs of the Protégé are being met, and how the mentor can improve.

Please do not hold back. Both of us want to see you succeed, and enjoy the process as much as possible.

Here is a sample feedback form:


Protégé name:
Date of meeting:

1. Overall score for the meeting: (1-10, 1=lowest; 10=highest) __

2. Considering the entire mentor - Protégé process, what comes to your mind as the most important suggestion for improvement, or problem, or complaint?

3. Other suggestions for improvement:

4. I feel that I am making progress with my goals.
(yes, no, don't know)

5. Other feedback: