July 25, 2007

The Billion Dollar Payday

The value of shares in Amazon.com soared almost 25% today on news of much improved earnings. This would probably have been a billion dollar payday for the founder, Jeff Bezos.

Quite the mind-bending concept.
A billion dollar day.

I'll bet the Google boys have had a couple of those.

So, if it has happened, even if by wild improbability or unexpectedness, then it can happen by design, according to a plan. If it can happen for others, it can happen for you. But only if you have a Billion Dollar Payday Plan.

I like that idea.

If I fell a bit short, and, after taxes it was only a few hundred million, it wouldn't be so bad. Heck, I'm still young and good lookin' with energy and time to spare...
I can tweak my plan and jump back in. A Billion Dollar Payday could put a smile on anyone's face!

I'll start with The System, it hasn't failed yet.