October 9, 2006

Laws of the Universe: The Golden Rule

There are some basic Laws of the Universe
which have been known for thousands of years
and which apply to all of us equally.

A wise person lives in harmony with these Laws,
and seeks to use these all-powerful Laws to their advantage.

Some of these Laws are well known, and we would be fools
to try to violate them. For instance: Gravity.
Violate that law and you will be
immediately and severely punished.
However, there are other Laws of the Universe
which are not so obvious, and/or
which do not punish violators so severely in all cases.

One of these is the "Golden Rule".

The Golden Rule states:
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

It is a fundamental Law of Success
for all people, team members, and,
of course, business owners.

One corollary of this rule is to
"Do what you say"
for surely we would want people we know to
keep their commitments to us.

Therefore we must keep our commitments.
Or we run the risk of being considered
a person whose word is in doubt.

This is one of the worst things that can happen to you.
Above all, we must safeguard our reputation.
We must be known as a person who can be counted on
to do exactly what is promised.

If we occasionally take some easy path
which results in our not keeping to our word,
and we get away with it (we think),
we tend to do more of that until we will either
have nothing at all left of our good name,
or until we absolutely do not get away with it,
and the consequences are highly undesirable.

Doing what we say is a habit,
and like most good habits requires you to nurture it
over time, and with focus.
Soon enough, it becomes our natural reaction.
But we must always be cultivating this essential habit,
and look for ways to stay true to our word
especially in the little things,
for it is the little things which offer the
essential frequency so important in habit building.

Another great law works in concert with the Golden Rule,
and that is the Law of Karma, which says that
you will get what you give, or,
stated as the inverse of the Golden Rule,
"others will most certainly do unto you
as you have done unto them".

In the Law of Karma, however, it is not necessarily
the people you screwed over who will pay you back,
but it will definitely come from somewhere!

There is also an interesting thing that happens
when you do not do as you say you are going to do:
you give implicit permission for the other person
to not do as they had committed to you.

For example, if you say you are going to be late
for a meeting, then you are implicitly giving
permission for the other person to cancel the meeting
without penalty, of course, because you started
the reaction process.
And, that reaction process is the one we all know:
"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

Consider this lesson well.
It is a cornerstone of the foundation for
Success in Business.