January 31, 2015

What is the product?

Frequently Asked Questions about the product

Q. What is the purpose of the product?
A.  A system that will greatly improve the odds of success in business, and make it easier, even fun.

Q.  Who is the intended user?
A.  The CEO and executive team members. These are the users who have the greatest leverage in the success of the business. Software for them to focus on a common experience in managing the business to achieve common goals.

Q. When can I see the software?
A: The business is in the Pre-Product (idea) stage. Major assumptions need to be validated and improved based on real world testing. It will be several months before a prototype could be available.These next few months will be committed to "getting out of the building", learning as much as possible about the marketplace, the customer, the competition.  Release date unspecified. Subscribe to the free SeaSweet newsletter to learn more as it happens.

Q.  Can you describe the software in general terms?  
A.  Try this: Imagine a software product that runs on PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, and watch, empowering users to run any business more effectively. Imagine software that is fun to use. Imagine: fingertip control of a simple, proven system that makes it easy to do the right things, according to plans. Only a few minutes a day will build a successful business. It's a wonder why it took so long to do it.   :)  Business made easy.

Q. Tell me more...  
A.  Imagine a simple starter system, that grows as the business grows, a system that is customized and continuously improved for each business and user. The system learns from what users do vs. the success of the teams and the broader community of similar businesses. This learning from what users do even extends to the way they use the software, so that the more they use it, the better it gets.

Q. Feature list? 
A.  There's a long list of future features, but the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will include a control panel and dashboard including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using red-yellow-green indicator lights to display instant identification of the status of priorities. Intra-team communications using integrated features native to the device and operating system. (Contact list, email, text, call, calendar, voicemail, etc).  The software system is structured around a dirt-simple 3-step repeating process, based on 10 principles to guide decision making. Other secret stuff, of course, but we don't want to spoil the fun of the surprise...

Q. What about support?
A.  Optional Premium support is available through a network of authorized local trainers who can work 1-1 to help businesses get started and get maximum value from continued use of the system. Online support available via video learning library, email, forum, and phone with real human beings who remember customers' special needs.