September 18, 2018

Perfect Day - Morning Ritual


Mornings tend to be random events.
What if mornings could be optimized?
A choreographed sequence of audio/video clips acting as a metronome for maximum return for the time invested.

What would you choose for your first thoughts every morning?
What activities do you want to happen, and in what sequence?
Add audio (voice-over / music), video, links, to enhance the messages.

Listed below, in no particular sequence, are a few files I've been experimenting with to build a powerful Morning Ritual.

Video files

My Perfect Day

Make Your Bed First Thing in the Morning

   First dream your life, then live your dream.

Energy: Fanfare for the Common Man (Emerson, Lake, and Palmer)

The Secret to Self-Motivation
   Getting From Knowledge to Action;
   Thinking vs. Doing


Audio files
This is how I start my day (iPhone audio)
   Values, principles, affirmations, in own voice.

Daily Meditation (