May 15, 2018

PlayToday™ V.11.1

Introduction to version 11.1
So many improvements it needed a new version number!

New name
As the product evolves, so does its name.
Introducing PlayToday

Because the great game of Life can only be played one Today at a time.
And you can't win if you don't play.

New features and improvements
Goals driven, new tab to state your Goals, where are you going today?
HELP!! new tab added with resources to help you get where you want to go.
Coaching help is highlighted, and books, videos, courses, +++
Dashboard all new, greatly expanded, 
Many new graphs and charts, etc.
Publish your Dashboard to the Web, share with friends, coach
Scoring improved
Streaks! and special bonus points for Streak Improvements
Checkboxes to speed status changes, and data entry.
Simplified in many ways
Financial KPIs 
Gamification enhanced 
Big Points for Next Steps and Goals achieved
Game Over timing
Game Number
Notes galore, popups to guide you. Delete the Notes when you "Got it".
Navigation enhancements
Shortcuts tab, to get you where you want to be
Viewing Options, at top level menu, Focus made easy.
Metrics section improved
Reliability improved with many internal improvements

Learn More
1. Watch a live example
click here for my Live checklist, View Mode (just for you, don't share)
(will direct you to request access the first time)
2. Read the User Guide
Yes, I know you would prefer to skip reading and jump right in, but this User Guide is all new with lots of pictures, easy to read and learn.
3. How to Start with your own PlayToday™:
After you have completed the 2 steps above,
and you're ready to dig in,
email me and I'll set you up with your own copy. 

About bugs

Allow me to lower your expectations.
Software is an imperfect science.
Some would call it an art.

In either case, I am human, 
and my software has been known 
to create unexpected results occasionally.

I relentlessly pursue perfection,
and get close, sometimes,
but it always seems to be one more bug, 
one more cosmetic glitch.

And of course, one more Big Idea is right around the corner.

But software needs to be published
even knowing that it may have flaws.

If you find one,
I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience,
but please let me know,
so i can fix it and we can both
save another person the frustration.

Thank you for your understanding, and your help.

With these new super powers you become Invincible!

🙏Thank you for the opportunity to be of service! 🙏