August 31, 2017

ToBeWise™ Android version now available

For all of you who have waited so patiently for the android version of ToBeWise™
here's the link:

Notice the free version (ad supported) and
the ridiculously inexpensive version (extra features and without ads).

What is ToBeWise™ all about, you ask?

How about a collection of the smartest things said by the smartest people in all recorded history. If you think that could help you, then you have the link. What are you waiting for?

But wait, it's more than a collection of wisdom of the ages, it's a system for internalizing it all and making it part of your everyday being. If you're still reading this and have yet to click the link, what are you waiting for?

Here's the link again:

Notice the last line in the graphic above?  It's a GREAT GIFT!

The iOS version is available here:

Both versions of this extraordinary app were built by Raj Sanghvi, the genius founder/CEO of so if you need an app built, for mobile, or web, or whatever you can imagine, now you know my go to solution.